The InstCoffee Story

We are an indie game development team based in the South East of England. We love cheap instant lattes and have a strong passion for making great games for you.
One half of InstCoffee is Daniel, he’s the man behind the code and he brings our idea’s to life.
The other half is Jonathan, he makes sure the games are on your screens.
We worked together for a technical support team and always had a passion for games. We got talking about some of the games that Dan was in the middle of making which got Jonathan thinking about different ideas that he had over the years. Jonathan was going through the process of finding his way around Unity and C# but always found himself more interested in the marketing and publishing aspect of games, whilst Dan always had a big focus on just getting the games made.
After talking for some time about different ideas they had and the projects they were working on, they decided to form a team, known as InstCoffee.